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Pampas Flower


Come Visit

Scroll down for online booking. 

All NEW clients must be screened before booking.

I am newbie friendly! All information for how to book with me is listed on the "New Client" page. 

Please ALWAYS text/email your desired day/time (within my availability) to schedule.

Then book online to secure your place in my schedule with a deposit. 


2024 Schedule-

Monday- 9am-11pm.

Tuesday- 9am-11pm.

Wednesday- 9am-11pm.

Thursday- 9am-11pm.

Friday- 9am-11pm.


Sunday- 10am-11pm.



Dec 23-26th (Unavailable)

Dec 30-1st (Unavailable)

March 1-3 (ATX)

April 1-12 (Unavailable)

May 2-7 (Unavailable)

June 19-25 (Unavailable)

July 1-10 (Unavailable)

August 24-31 (Birthday Week, Unavailable)

Yara Heart's Services

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