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Image by Abed Ismail


The vision, goals and mission-

Yara Heart means Butterfly Heart. Her intentions are to serve. She is devoted to living ceremony and prayer to help souls liberate all limited beliefs and find true happiness and peace within. When more people choose healing, self responsibility and unconditional love, it ripples into eternity, and creates more space and harmony on Earth.

The mission is for all beings to be happy and free, as well as to be completely fully expressed and their true self, living their dharma and purpose in alignment with God/dess.

The goals are for the pleasure and abundance of love to manifest abundance of wealth and prosperity for all.

The biggest vision is to have an animal sanctuary and healing retreat center, to have a space for people to gather, do yoga, create music and art and be surrounded by beauty and healers. The space would offer wellness through body work, vegan cooking and elixirs- surrounded by community and sustainability.

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