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Tantra, Sacred Sensuality and Divine Embodiment

Tantra means "woven together" in Sanskrit, or "to weave", the spiritual with the physical. The ancient teachings say that there is feminine and masculine energy that resides in our spine (kundalini). When awakened, can create huge transformation with actualization of self, purpose, and manifesting abundance and clarity to live ones dreams. 

Tantra is the practice of connecting to the divine through ritual, ceremony, and embodiment. We may call on deities to guide us in our journey. We may practice embodiment with yoga, dance, flowing movement, breathwork, and prayer. We may reach ecstatic states with shaking our cells awake through pleasure and bliss, and naturally surrendering to the unknown mystery of each moment. Insight becomes natural as we find center in the still point of our mind, body and soul. 

The point of practicing tantra is to reach enlightenment as well as to experience full embodiment of our divinity. We unlock our answers through our own heart, in the vulnerable and raw places of our humanity. We may also increase our ability to hold more orgasmic energy and bring that powerful loving energy back to the earth to heal all beings. Liberate all beings.

Our sacred sexuality is our connection to self. It is our connection to all of creation. We are created from love and we will expand from love and we will transcend in Love. When we honor where we come from, our source to this existence, we see the incredible miraculous beauty of who we are and all that we encounter. We honor all beings. We devote to all that is sacred. We are in devotion to the liberation of all limited beliefs that keep us from living in harmony and peace. 

Almond Blossom


Embodiment means to fully integrate and feel the truth in your body. The truth of your own self actualization.

The path to embodiment is through movement, creativity and expression of your soul to be able to fully know the Divine Self. 

"Breath wants to liberate itself, to free itself from its encasing in the body’s frozen stillness. The whole of the body wants to keep moving—not even a single little part left out, everything in motion, just like the universe."

"When the body calls us back, we begin to find that we have a partner on the spiritual path that we didn’t know about—the body itself. In our meditation and in our surrounding lives, the body becomes a teacher. "

"If proper attention is not given to sensations, then we are not going to the deepest levels of the mind. The deepest level of the mind, according to Buddha, is constantly in contact with body sensations."

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