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Yara's Story + Experience

"I have come to find, after many years of self exploration within, that my own sensual pleasure is the most sacred connection I can experience! When you Love yourself in all ways- you are free in all ways. When you are able to give that love away freely, life becomes truly miraculous. Come flutter in this natural and playful life with me!

The journey of my soul as a butterfly has been long, the transformation comes in so many years and cycles of liberation from my own darkness into chrysalis and blooming again. Working with our karma our dharma. The space I am connected to in the collective tapestry of life. The liberation of all beings.

My experience with sensuality and tantra is through deep intuition of my body. I have been doing sensual and tantric healing for over 5 years and have grown so much. I started with being a young 20 year old exploring Self with my relationship and close reflections. I found through sacred sexuality- honoring myself and honesty with all of my vulnerabilities, trusting and ultimately surrendering to something higher than my own awareness, to God/dess. Praising life and self, I was able to open up and heal my wounds and reach higher states of orgasmic bliss than I ever knew possible. 

I started to explore yoga and kundalini over 10 years ago at the age of 15. I found through my journey into embodiment that my practice and devotion to life was where I experienced ineffable Beaty and meaning. I became a yoga teacher in 2017, and a 2nd certification in 2019, now 500 hour certified.

There's so much grief, guilt and shame that is stored in our bodies and through tantra and yoga we can unlock those keys to our sacred journey. We find more pleasure, joy, happiness, clarity to our purpose, through acceptance, vulnerability, and ritual. 

Tantra has become my deepest focus, the feminine tantric arts to loving oneself through pleasure and joy, as well as the practices through Ayurveda, prayer and ritual to deities. The greatest knowledge and acceptance of self leads to the greatest liberation of dreams and ecstatic love. Know thyself. Unlock thyself." 

- Yara Heart

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