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Sacred Sexuality

The sovereign being in me honors the same in you! We are but reflections of each other when we are in the state of being in Love. When I love myself and share that love with another, it is sacred in its own right. We are free to explore our bodies and to feel their magnificent power in all of its human temple embodiment. The sexual primal force of kundalini energy flowing up my body is a true blessing to Feel. May we all allow ourselves to feel everything we crave, desire, admire, and fantasize. May all love making to self and others be felt with JOY and openness to the existence of our cosmic infiniteness. In our own sacred sexuality we find the empowerment of truly seeing the natural self and cycles as a flower of true perfection and mastery, as we liberate the limitations of mind and come back into body/soul.

More on this to cum, xoxoxo

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